also i’m gonna pump out some charcoal portraits i think, to fill up some space…. if any of my followers wanna, feel free to send me your face so i can draw u

I don’t have that many photos of my face, so I found this old one that looks decent and you can see my face (otherwise my most recent is the one with me wearing my ampharos hoodie on my pokeblog);




Call Me, Beep Me - Kim Possible

I accidentally had my earbuds unplugged, and after the first beep my brother sat up and said “KIM POSSIBLE!”

for the feels. all the feels.

I wish my dash was just all cool space stuff.

Lots of stars.

That’s all I want right now.

Stars and calming things.

So tired of studying.

Must motivate self!

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Kae's Krazies
Hello there!

My name is Kat, and I am a 20 year old female that is currently studying Life Sciences. In particular, I enjoy environmental sciences, psychology, and biology.

I love to draw, read, write, play video games, and laugh. Some of my favourite things are Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, good food, horror movies/games, science, and psychology. Most recently I have been really getting into positive psychology.

I love to chat too, so always feel free to chat me up!

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